Joining MacKenzie Lane Real Estate begins an adventure New and Exciting. With our association with eXp Australia, it brings a whole dimension to how Real Estate is conducted and done. Not only do you join a collective experts from Australia, as an agent, you'll also have the opportunity of knowing and learning from leading Estate Agents from around the world.

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Sales Executive

Focussed, driven, committed and a good communicator. A skilled negotiator and an individual that thinks outside the box. Must be talented in design, a stand out student but also a patient teacher. We also have a pathway to owning your own agency through the eXp Australia brand.

For Sale | Leasing | Real Estate | Estate Agents | Property Management

Portfolio Executive

A good negotiator, empathic listener and a tactful individual. Must be a perfect organiser, master planner and an assertive communicator. A talented coordinator and project manager.
Our Portfolio Executives manages both Leasing and Short Stay properties, capped at 120 properties. Must have love for holiday lifestyle destinations.

Not Available

Client Care

The main face of the office.
Client Care Managers assist with enquiries and is the first point of contact for our valued new and existing clients.
Must be decisive, organised and diplomatic in their approach to customer and business relationships.

Young Teacher


An important role that keeps the business operation functioning smoothly. Must be a thorough in their approach to every projects. This an administrative role assisting both Sales and Leasing Teams.
This an area where you will learn the specifics of a Real Estate Agent.

Not Available
Business Meeting


It's best that if you're considering joining, that you are currently undertaking or have acquired your Agent's Representative qualification.
Part of our process, is for you to open your opportunities when it arises. Having the minimum required qualification enables you to easily and seamlessly broaden your career path.
We're not about keeping you back but see where your skills experience takes you. We do love seeing you succeed as much as the business grows.


A useful tip when considering a Real Estate career, is knowing your limits and how much you can dedicate to continually learn.

Real Estate is not all about selling & leasing, it's all about your ability to connect with your communities, neighbours and your local area.

Having great organisational skill and customer service is a must as well as an open personality. A trait much needed in this industry. It's how you connect with your clients and the community around you.

Consider taking up a part time role in a cadetship position to learn more about the industry. Like any position, Real Estate is a demanding and fast paced industry that needs a lot of patience and persistence.


To successfully enter the industry, it is a must that you're made to understand that it is demanding and attention to details is a prerequisite. Have at least a basic knowledge of local laws and legislations governing Real Estate. Considering a position in Sales can be varying depending on which Estate Agency you join. Knowing the differences between Commission-Only and base Salary with Commission.
Each Agency will have their own salary structure. 
Be prepared as some position requires quotas to be met as well as other additional expenses.
Speak to us about opportunities.


Interested applicants must submit a detailed Resume with a Cover Letter outlining your capacity, experience and what interests you to the industry.


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