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Buyer's Agents: Why it makes sense to acquire their service.

Updated: Apr 20

So, you're thinking of buying your new #firsthome or maybe your second or third?

How did that go? Was the whole experience as smooth as it was made out to be?

Many #prospectivebuyers feel that they have to do everything themselves. Source, Plan, Acquire Quotes and a whole lot of running around to make everything work. Making appointments in between work and kids. Not to forget the travel to and from all these meetings. Sometimes the day just doesn't hold enough time to attend to everything.

MacKenzie Lane Buyer's Agent

This is where you might consider looking into some help. A Buyer's Agent.

Buyer's Agents are in all respect an Agent acting on your behalf. Once the initial greetings and hello's are done with, a Buyer's Agent will get down to all the gritty business details of "What You Want", "What Are You Looking For In A Home", your #Goals, #Lifestyle, so on and so on. But before you consider one, also look at your budget. Having a good sense of your working budget sets you up prepared, loaded and ready to buy.

Also, before looking to service a Buyer's Agent, know your lifestyle changes. The area in which you'd like to look into and what you'd be doing with the property down the line, say 5 years, 10 years or more. Most properties usually end up as an investment vehicle for you to be able to look at your next situation. Having a plan also strengthen your goals and vision.

Buying your first property is always the foundation of your independence, financially and emotionally. The first property

Hiring or Acquiring the services of a #BuyersAgent take many form depending on what your requirements are. Costs for hiring a Buyer's Agent can vary depending on your needs. It's also good to note that they are handy to have if you just need someone to Bid with you at an Auction. Sort of,"Please just walk me through and hold my hands" kind of service. This is specially good if you've never have or no confidence in doing an auction bidding.

#BuyersAgents are in most part also #RealEstateAgents. They can almost appear to be able to get you the deal if you really want to purchase The House. But of course, this also depends on the #vendor wanting to sell you their house at your offered price.

Buying with MacKenzie Lane Real Estate

Just remember, these Agents represent you without the emotional attachment and can be a bonus. Helping you keep your feet firmly on the ground and see everything through a different perspective. These Agents know the market and will know the value of the #properties you are looking at. It is in their business to ensure that you have bought a home that will be one of your biggest #investment.

Our Buyer's Agents scope for properties in all areas of Australia, not just Victoria. Our association with eXp Australia connects our agents to a network of marketed and off-market properties. MacKenzie Lane Real Estate enables our buyers access to a wide ranging selection of reach Australia wide. No matter where you'd like to make your home, we can help you find your dream.

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