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The Decision Maker: To Buy or Sell - Which are you?

Updated: Apr 20

In the months that we have all been at home, many of us have been scouring the internet for ideas and inspirations. Yet, many have no idea of how to get started or even begin to start that idea.

Decision making with MacKenzie Lane Real Estate

Before you even be at that point, you need to ask yourself "What is it that I really want to do?" or "What is it that I really love enough to start as a business".

Making some sort of a questions/list type to analyse your potential to start a business is an important part of the process. You are making a plan. A plan that has a process to get you from A to B.

The same rules apply when you are "thinking" of selling your home or buying a home. The thinking part is a beginning of that process. An Idea in your head of beginning something.

Selling a home, your home takes a lot into consideration. Not only will you have to move elsewhere but also the financial implications of the whole decision will make an impact on your life. Those questions that you will have to write down on a piece of paper so you are able to see the question clearly. It'll formulate an answer once you read it out enough times in your head to give you a clear indication of your next move.

First Home Ownership with MacKenzie Lane Real Estate

It is always prudent to ask yourself first the same questions you've written down over and over again. It's not about procrastinating, but knowing the answer to your question without any doubt that it is the right one for you. You have to know and feel it is right.

If your next move is to decide to either "Sell" or "Buy" is to find yourself someone that will show you the process, explain the details and the next steps to everything else once you've formulated a decision.

Deciding to sell usually comes when a lifestyle change is upon you and your family. A bigger house to fit a growing family? Or downsizing after the kids have left home. But taking all that into the whole "List Things", you then need to decide where to move to. A Tree Change? A Sea Change? or a Hill Change?

Nothing comes easy when it comes to selling or buying. The whole money thing plays a very big part in any decision making.

Talking with an expert, whether it be your financial adviser or accountant or an estate agent, you still need to undertake some research about how each of these expert can best assist you.

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